I can create, compose and record a musical piece for your projects.

I have the ability to use a wide variety of styles and techniques

in order to create the perfect sound.

You can count on me for being part of an existing song, creating

a new one from scratch or being your solo musician – this is my specialty.

I will also provide my creative expertise in order to develop the projects

in the best way possible.


The instruments that I will use for these projects are: classical, acoustic

and electric guitars, six string tambura and ukulele.

You can choose one of them or all, it is up to you.

I can also use analog effects for the session recordings.


I have the necessary professional recording equipment in order

to provide you with a high quality sound.

You will receive a 48 Khz / 24 bit .wav file format.

For any audio related question, please drop me a message here.

See you soon!