On 31.12.2022 my second solo album “The tree of music” was released.

It’s a story about evolution of music summarized in 8 songs and 1 video.

This project is supported by the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria.

On 30.04.2021 my first solo album “The Bulgarian folklore is colorful” was released.

It is a collection of 7 works based on Bulgarian folk songs, arranged and mixed with other styles.

The project is a pure adventure and show how diverse Bulgarian folklore can be and how to find

an intersection point with other genres and cultures. All the instruments and vocals in the album

are performed and mastered by me.

This project is supported by the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria.Българският-фолклор-е-многолик-copy-1200x1200.jpg

One of the projects I participate in is called “Flying Nomads”.

This is a duo which was formed in 2018 from me and my wife – Kristina Angelova.

Flying Nomads’ Music is created entirely with acoustic instruments, vocals and soul.

In this project we play on tambura, daf, classical guitar, ukulele and more.

In the beginning of 2019 our first album was released –

“First Day on the Moon” – this is the flight we are taking you on.


Enjoy the ride!