I am giving personal guitar lessons.

Currently I am living in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and students are welcomed in my home, where we will discover

together the art of music. It is also possible for me to teach you in the privacy of your home.

For availability and details, please use the contact form.


I can show you how to play all tree types of guitars – classical, acoustic and electric.

In my lessons I will teach you:


                                                            – Music theory – basics, reading of notes and tabs, intervals, scales, chords construction and more

                                                            – Understanding of rhythm, strumming patterns and playing on time

                                                            – Technical knowledge of playing guitar and learning different techniques

                                                            – Learning songs

                                                            – Playing and understanding different music styles


These lessons are suitable for beginners and advanced guitar players.

The age doesn’t matter too, but if you are going to sign up your child,

I would recommend that he is at least 7 years old.

If you are attracted in learning some specific music styles, I will construct the lessons in a way that

fit your desires and you will be able to proceed in the direction that you want.


To book a lesson just write me a message here.