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Daniel Angelov is a professional musician with more than 20 years of experience in the music field.

He is a master at classical, acoustic and electric guitars. As a secondary instruments he plays Bulgarian

tambura, piano, bass, drums, ukulele, block flute and more. The first touch with the realm of music he

made at the age of 6. After that turning moment, sound has became an important part of his life. He studied

guitar and music theory with some of the best musicians in the country. After the years passed, naturally he became

a teacher too, where he shared his knowledge of the instruments and the art of sound. He has taught in the Nicolas Roerih’s

school in Sofia and has given numerous private lessons. Now he teaches at school “Sun Ray” in Plovdiv.


Daniel has played in many bands during the years and has performed on various concerts and festivals.

Due to his experimental and enthusiastic nature, he has gone through many styles of music, like rock, blues, metal,

jazz, folk, psychedelic, fusion and many more. He has been part of many CD releases, theatrical plays and artistic performances.


His last music project is a duo group called “Flying Nomads”, where he plays the strings

in a new age ethno-fusion style. In early 2019 the band released the CD “First day on the moon”,

an 8 track album that welcomes the audience for a mystical flight on the wings of music.


Besides his personal projects, Daniel Angelov is continuing to take part of different music and artistic

projects, he continues to teach guitar to small and big. He is also diving deeper in understanding the qualities

of sound and how it affects the human’s body and mind. His never ending learning is linked to his perfectionism to create

more meaningful and divine music for the World.